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Manufacturer Tech Tips

Manufacturers – Tips on Sending Large Files

Emails The most convenient way to send files is as email attachments. In general, though, email wasn’t really designed to transmit ...

Smallwares Manufacturers – Up-to-Date Catalogues Help Your Customers

This week’s topic addresses smallwares manufacturers and the need to ensure the catalogues you submit as part of your media are ...

Manufacturers – Logos are Crucial!

As you know, logos are extremely important. As a symbol or design, they are part and parcel of your company’s identification, ...

CQ Tech Tips

FAQ – CQ Analytics

CQ Analytics is here! The built-in tool for CQ subscribers that aggregates project data quickly giving CQ users a snapshot of key ...

CaterQuotes Announces New Website Launch

CaterQuotes Announces New Website Launch New site offers enhanced content, new features and expanded resources Birmingham, UK – ...

Infographic – 5 Reasons You Should be Using the Card View

Why should you use the new Card View in the CQ Catalogue? Here’s an infographic with five good reasons. Read the Frequently Asked ...

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