The Way Orders are Meant to be Tracked

CQ OrderStatus (CQ OS) is a free, built‑in feature of CQ and the only comprehensive order tracking system in the foodservice equipment and supplies industry.

Dealers, Distributors and Reps:

Always know where your orders are

View ship and delivery dates, track numbers and access other order info all in one single, easy‑to‑read, uniform interface – CQ OrderStatus (CQ OS). Just click on the OrderStatus tab in CQ to view orders. With CQ OS, you’ll have less back-and-forth and fewer calls chasing down where something is. And when there is a problem, there’s no need to look up a customer service or other contact email – CQ OS users can immediately connect with manufacturers through the CQ software. Encourage your vendors to use CQ OS – and increase efficiencies for everyone.


Save time and money – every day

Give your customers the order details they need with CQ OrderStatus (CQ OS). Having your service representatives manually look up and send order information to a customer over the phone or through email is an expensive, inefficient process. With the CQ OS data exchange, you send order information to CaterQuotes, making it readily available to your CQ subscribing customers. Your service representatives can now spend their time solving more complex problems. Dealers, distributors and reps have come to rely on CQ OS, which combines order information into a single, easy-to-read, uniform interface.

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We need to have active conversations with factory personnel regarding technology initiatives and encourage everyone to strive for the mark of 'exceptional manufacturer'.

- Brad Pierce, Restaurant Equipment World

Automating the expediting function all dealers perform will save significant dollars not only for Wasserstrom, but the entire industry, manufacturers and dealers alike.

- Brad Wasserstrom, The Wasserstrom Company