Manufacturers – Logos are Crucial!

As you know, logos are extremely important. As a symbol or design, they are part and parcel of your company’s identification, recognition and reputation. That is why it is critical to have your most current and best quality logo image represented in the CQ Catalogue. If distributors, dealers, consultants and reps searching for products come across outdated or low-quality logo images, it could influence whether they choose you or move on.

For logos:

  • Vector images work best because they are not made up of pixels (a specific number of dots) and therefore can be scaled to different sizes without losing quality. Common vector formats are Adobe Illustrator files (.ai) and Encapsulated Postscript Vector (EPS) files (.eps).
  • If you must use a different file format, like JPG, submit the highest resolution possible.

Using the CaterQuotes Logo

CaterQuotes welcomes and encourages the use of our logo on your materials, to help spread the word and reinforce your presence in the CQ Catalogue. However, as with your logos in our Catalogue, we need to make sure that customers use our logo in the best possible way. You can find our logos and use guidelines at “Brand Assets” under the “Resources” tab on our website at

To summarise:

  • Use the CaterQuotes logo on a white background for maximum impact and clarity.
  • When this is not possible, be sure to choose background colours or photos that provide sufficient contrast with the logo.
    • Use the two-colour logo on white or light-coloured backgrounds or photos.
    • Use the solid white logo on dark-coloured backgrounds or photos.
    • Use the solid black or solid blue logo on white or light coloured backgrounds or photos, or in one-colour print applications.
  • Never place our logo vertically, outline it or modify it in any shape or form.
  • Make sure there is sufficient spacing around the logo.
  • The vector (.eps) version of the logo is always preferred.
  • We also provide a transparent .png file for when it is not possible to use the .eps version.

As we come across our logo being used in ways other than under these guidelines, our Media Team will be contacting you to help you correct any issues.

Logos are crucial! Let’s work together to ensure that these images are represented in the best possible way.

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